The American Lion Factory is on the right track

After the Quebec battery plant in Saint Jerome, Lion Électrique is preparing to announce in the coming months the opening of a US $ 130 million (CAD $ 162.4 million) auto manufacturing plant in the United States.

We have a short list of three states. Mark Bidard, president and founder of La Compagnie Électrique Lion, confirmed in the program that we are in the final stage of negotiations. Take care of your own business.

$ 100 million in loans

Last Tuesday, Quebec’s leading electric transportation company secured a $ 100 million loan from Quebec and Ottawa to build its $ 185 million automated battery plant in Saint Jerome, in Lawrence.

“Out of 100 million, 30% can be tolerated, under very harsh conditions.” Mark Bidard summed up to QUB Radio.

While Quebec Solidere accuses governments of playing “Santa Claus” by helping the company rather than taking a stake, Lyon’s CEO assures that the loan will be used for the benefit of the company and not for shareholders.

“I think those who say that [c’est] “For the wealthy, the issues are quite mixed,” said Mark Bidard.

The audience has no choice

According to him, Leon had no option to go public to bring in $ 500 million ($ 625 million CAD) to satisfy his thirst for projects.

“To retain the lion ownership in Quebec and Canada, that was the way to go. With the amount of money we needed to collect, there wasn’t a thousand and one way to do it,” he says.

“Go get these sums by going to a special situation,” he concludes, “because the property of Quebec would have been lost, and I assure you of that.”

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