The American Dream: Epinal to the Rhythm of the USA


American Night American Dream Epinal (2)Cowboys in town! Change the name and change the formula for the previous American night, and change its name to “American Dream”! On Friday evenings, downtown Epinal lives to the rhythm of the United States with the Business Evening and Festivity organized by the Epicenter. The Spinaliens were able to meet the duo of Michael Jackson and Elvis.

American Night American Dream Epinal (3)On Friday, July 1, the Trade Association Epicenter, a new version of its event to celebrate American culture, organized in a revised format. The event is meant to be festive and family-friendly, without polluting motorbikes or trucks. American Night, renamed “The American Dream” is a festive evening on the theme of the United States.

The kick-off of the wonderful American evening began with the parade of the “American Dream”. The American Parade launched the festivities, rue de Itat-Eunice. About twenty American cars participated in the procession. Other events by theme are held throughout downtown, such as three floats created by the Epicenter and the Société des fêtes d’Epinal, which are paraded through the downtown streets from the rue des Etats-Unis to the intersection of the Boudiou bridge, the Quai des Bons Enfants.

Different atmosphere in the city

American Night - American Dream Epinal (1)One evening, the city was divided into several zones each time with a different atmosphere.

At Area 51, Place des Quatre Nations, the public can see military vehicles and stare at the stars. In the Once Upon a Time in the West are Place de la Chipotte and Quai Contades, a place to dance with country music and the much-anticipated mechanical bull.

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In the “Welcome to Miami” area of ​​Place Georgin, the audience met two DJs. Las Vegas directs Benno’s Place with a “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” district with Elvis’ lookalike, Evil Freddy singing Elvis. Then head to Place de l’Âtre to reach the “Welcome to New Orleans” area. The audience had a date with Schlitters Baseball Softball Epinal, a Spinalian baseball team and inflatable batting cage.

Michael Jackson-like concert

Ben Jackson, Michael Jackson’s lookalike, gave the audience a great vibe, in front of the Departmental Museum of Ancient and Contemporary Art in Epinal.

An event, a kind of “married at first sight”, was also organized for individuals.

For the occasion, the shops downtown were open all evening, from 7pm until midnight.


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