The alien robot is back

It was the French Microids Studios that released this nugget that will bring back memories for both young and old children. We talk about it with Noureddine Mohamed Saad, one of the game’s producers.

Grendizer: Feast of Wolves

Action/adventure game Completely dedicated to the metal giant,”Grendizer: Feast of WolvesIt offers you a mixture of Action/Fighting, Third-person Shooting and Exploration. After the destruction of Planet Euphor by Vega Empire, Prince Actaros takes refuge on our planet. She was taken in and adopted by Professor Procyon, who lives at White Birch Ranch. With the Vega invasion of Earth imminent, the Actarus will defend the planet Earth by using it Grendizer, the giant robot Hidden in the depths of Professor Procyon’s observatory.

Goldorak and Actaros united in the same match, Places of worship and enemies of the seriesthe iconic music of the animation… In short: it’s a great promise to the fans that Microids delivers with this upcoming game end of 2023 ! We talk about it with one of the game’s producers: Noureddine Mohamed Saad.

Pegasus party:

Pegases rewards the best video games every year. The ceremony took place March 9th in La Cigale. talk about it with Julien Felidoux, General Manager, National Video Game Association And in charge of the ceremony.

At the heart of the press:

Rafael Lucas Editor Video Games Magazine Our guest to talk about the latest release which highlights the following”Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom“, the next Breath of the Wild.

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