The Algerians from England stayed at Rosie-Charles-de-Cole airport for three weeks

Passengers spend three weeks in the transportation area of ​​Terminal 2, sleeping on seats or on the floor. Algeria has stopped entering its territory due to the epidemic.

Twenty-seven Algerians from the United Kingdom have been stranded for three weeks at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

The group, which included two young children and a 75-year-old woman, departed London Heathrow Airport on February 26 and reached Algeria via Paris. Algerians stranded at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Algeria have decided to suspend its flights due to the Kovit-19 epidemic. They live for three weeks in the traffic area of ​​Terminal 2, sleeping on seats or on the floor.

The Algerian embassy in Paris said in a statement on Thursday that the Algerian newspaper had published Evening However, before the passengers left London, it was announced that the Paris-Algiers flight ticket had been canceled. They still wanted to go to Paris. The embassy mentions it “In the presence of a representative of Air Algeria in Paris, the Algerian Embassy in Gretel has, on several occasions, since March 2, 2021, met with some members of this group to discuss their situation and the need to return to their pending locations. Reopening borders.

For its part, Air Algeri offered to fly them to London, but the passengers refused. One of the group’s passengers, questioned BBC, Explains that they all had negative tests and that they all had good reasons to return to Algeria: “I returned to my residence in the UK and quit my job», He told our British colleagues. The company reimbursed food expenses for passengers for fifteen days. The BBC says they now only benefit from food provided by other travelers.

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On social media, the Algerian community in France is calling on Algerian President Abdelmadzi Debouin to intervene to help its compatriots. Algerian Emergency Site Duisa-Dis launched on March 17 “Appeal to senior Algerian authorities“, Urges them”Intervene soonSolve this situation.

According to the BBC, Airports de Paris wants to do everything it can to help the Algerian team, but that it is the responsibility of the Algerian authorities to resolve the situation. For a year now, Algeria has been pursuing a very strict border policy in an effort to control the Govt-19 epidemic. The decision to close the borders until the next announcement by the Algerian Council of Ministers on February 28, 2021, has thus blocked tens of thousands of Algerians abroad.

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