The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT is back with 510 hp

A recent reinterpretation ofAlfa Romeo Giulia GT ? Why not, and the idea does not come from Italy contrary to what one might think, but from Germany. Emilia Auto imagined the return of the small cross-dairy sports coupe from the 1960s With more modern items and features.

What makes it more “contemporary” is its engine. In fact, this model integrates Julia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, which is a V6 2.9L Bi-Turbo. Can we do better to come back?

The return of the Giulia GT

So far, the Emilia GT Veloce project has appeared only on computer screens. However, the shows will soon be converted to files 1 scale model and limited series, Of course.

Emilia Auto approaches the return of this iconic Alfa Romeo model with more modern lines and curves, while not distorting the ones that made the previous model’s success. The Emilia GT Veloce has retained some of the iconic aesthetic elements, with a “V”-shaped shield and circular LED lights. The 19-inch alloy wheels, on the other hand, are inspired by the original Giulia GT.

The settings have been completely revised, in particular, with a set of KW shock absorbers to lower ground clearance and give a more sporty feel behind the wheel. The engineers also integrated an electronic limited-slip differential and a Brembo brake system. Based on a classic car, the GT Veloce is above all a modern car with, unlike its predecessor, power steering or traction control.

A meeting between the past and the present

The interior has retained a relatively classic look. We find more modern Recaro bucket seats and dashboard and the air conditioning system has been added. But for the rest, the design is the same as in the past. We still find the large steering wheel with a wooden rim, while the gear lever is reminiscent of the first Giulia GT wheel.

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Emilia GT fast

As mentioned above, the engine complements everything, as Emilia Auto has integrated a 2.9-liter V6 block from 510 hp And 600 Nm de couple By Julia Quadrifoglio. An eight-speed automatic transmission is offered by ZF, as is the Giulia Quadrifoglio again. The only little joke, It is the presence of four-wheel drive.

For now, the Emilia GT Veloce is a simple “virtual sketch”. However, the German company began taking the first orders of this very small series, only since then 22 copies will be manufactured. The first will come out of the workshops in the middle of next year. Each unit will cost approx 400 thousand euros.

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