The alarming phenomenon of dropped consoles

PS5 is hard to find…but easy to lose

Almost a year after its release, getting PS5 is still just as difficult Existing tips To try to get it more easily. Just over 10 million people are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the console As mentioned by Sony There is some time. But in fact, they are definitely a little lower. Because some players who bought the console had the misfortune when they saw their console became unusable…due to the lightning. An amazing and very frustrating mishap.

PS5s are permanently lost due to lightning

On Reddit, (former) PS5 owners are multiple to share their misadventures.

short story. Lightning struck my building and burned my PS5. I spoke to Sony and they sent me a box to return my console. I didn’t tell them it was lightning. It does not cover repairs due to force majeure. “

Another player was less fortunate and explained that lightning destroyed his PS5, as well as his iMac. Fortunately, his insurance paid it off in full. The Reddit user also lost his PS5 to lightning while he was away. Even anti-lightning plugs will not be enough to protect the PS5. It’s best to detach your console so you don’t lose something hard to get. Especially looking at the upcoming games Console by the end of the year.

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