The Abraham Accords, Iran: Eli Cohen interviews Anthony Blinken

Oliver Vitosi / Flash 90Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen

Foreign Minister tells his US counterpart that ‘Israeli-American relations are the government’s top priority’

Secretary of State Eli Cohen spoke with his US counterpart Anthony Blinken on Monday shortly after the new minister’s inaugural address to Israeli diplomats. The two men talked about expanding the Abraham Accords to new countries and cooperating to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Eli Cohen told his American counterpart, “The relations between Israel and the United States It is the highest priority of the government.. Blinken praised Cohen and stressed the United States’ “unwavering commitment to Israel’s security.”

The senior Israeli diplomat also explained his approach to Palestinian issues and highlighted the Palestinian initiative to carry the conflict before the International Court of Justice (international justice Court). He also thanked the United States for supporting the ICJ vote.

“Nothing can replace the relations between Israel and the United States,” the minister said, on the occasion of his coronation, in front of the ministry staff and the press.

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