The 5 Most Watched Series on Netflix Last Week (October 25-31)

The week ended and at the same time it left behind October, one of the most popular streaming service. Netflix In 2021 for content that has remained among the favorites of subscribers. November You’ll arrive with some great news about shows and movies, but here we’ll take a definitive review of the tenth month of the year, specifically the past seven days. These are the 5 most watched series between October 25 and 31!

+ 5 most watched series on Netflix last week

5- dynasty

We quickly left the top five surprising, as it is not available in all countries, but its views deserved to be among the most watched. If you’re into a series about Powerful Bonds, you can’t miss this one that follows two of America’s richest families vying for control of their fortunes and children, and uncovers the dark whirlpool of a corrupt world.

4- Cleaning things

Although out of the platform, Maid, as it is known in English, continues to be on viewers’ favorites list. Margaret Qualley stars in this survival and resilience novel about a young mother plagued by poverty and abuse as she struggles through thick and thin to redefine her worth.

3- Lock and key

The second new addition to the list is this show based on the comic book of the same name created by Joe Healy Gabriel Rodriguez. On October 22, they returned to the catalog with a season 2 full of mystery and adventure centered around Luke’s three siblings and their mother. The good news for fans is that there will be no waiting for announcements as more chapters are official.

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2- you

Just like seven days ago, the third installment of Caroline Kepnes’ novel took second place. She made her big comeback on the platform only 15 days ago, so she was expected to remain among the most picked by audiences, who are already waiting for the next batch of episodes for some time in 2022.

1- Squid game

These 142 million accounts reproduce this Korean drama, and get the historical record of the platform. Meanwhile, weeks go by and it is still the most chosen series by users around the world. So far he is far ahead of his pursuers, so he can stay for a long time.

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