The 5 Most Watched Series on Netflix Last Week (November 1-7)

November started with everything for the live streaming service Netflix With many TV titles already available and those arriving in the coming days, as well as movie content. Here we will focus on the new report of FlexPatrol In the series the most chosen by platform subscribers around the world. Will Squid continue to top the top five? See the list of the most viewed between the first day and the seventh of this month!

+ 5 most watched series on Netflix last week

5- Lock and key

Comic book show Joe Healy of the same name Gabriel Rodriguez dropped two points from its spot in the previous report, though it’s reasonable to know that its second season hit broadcasts on October 22 and is beginning to be replaced by other productions. The third installment has already been confirmed and fans are waiting for the news.

4- The ruling family

It was a surprise to find her at the top of the podium rankings, but the truth is that she not only stayed inside, but also climbed to one position. You will currently find 4 out of the 5 seasons and it is expected that when you see this success, the last episodes already watched will be released on US TV.

3- Things to clean

It’s been over a month since it was officially released in the catalog and it’s still among the top three watched content on Netflix, making it one of the audience’s favorite shows throughout 2021. Margaret Qualley plays a young mother who avoids assaults. Poverty and abuse while fighting through thick and thin to redefine one’s worth.

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2- you

The adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ novels is back after more than two years, so her new episodes have been eagerly awaited by fans. A few days into the month’s turn, he stayed with the Silver Medal this week and maintained his audience level like the week before.

1- Squid game

At this point, in the daily routine of broadcasting, K-dramas have returned to the top of the most-watched rankings last week. The series, considered the best of the year and the most premiere in Netflix history, arrived on September 17th and from there it didn’t drop out of number one. Will it be the same next week?

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