The 5 Most Watched Series on Netflix Last Week (December 6-12)

We’re slowly approaching the middle of the month that will end the year with another week that has left the most popular series on the streaming service. Netflix. After a long time squid game It’s overtaken by Rumbo al Infierno, another South Korean content, whose expectations of a brand iteration seem impossible with the premiere of the final episodes of Stealing money. Or is Spanish literature not doing enough? Check out here the top 5 of the most picked on the platform between December 6-12!

+ 5 most watched series on Netflix last week

5- Squid game

Since its official launch on the platform on September 17, it has topped every possible audience ratings, but time has passed, and it is understood that it will relinquish its lead. However, it’s worth noting that it’s still in the top five, confirming that we’re having a huge rage of the year in terms of content for TV. He is currently working on his second season and we are waiting for news.

4- Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp

When it premiered in 2020, many were surprised by its instant success and that’s what prompted the company to create a fourth season, which debuted on December 3 and is still among the most popular. This is a children’s show about a group of teenagers who attend camp and must band together to survive when dinosaurs seem to be wreaking havoc.

3- Titans

The great sensations of our time are the superheroes, no doubt, which is why this show is among the most watched in the world. Season 3 hits the stage on December 8 with the story of young characters from the DC Universe, who grow up and find their affiliation with the group.

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2- Lost in space

One of the broadcast’s silent success, because it didn’t have as much promotion as the other products. On December 1, the third and final installment arrived, with episodes that will determine the future of the Robinson family with dangerous situations that will test them for survival.

1- Paper House

On Friday, December 3, Netflix released the last five seasons of the Spanish show, wrapping up one of the most selected stories in the platform’s history. That’s why he held onto the top of the table is no surprise, as he has millions of fans around the world who have lamented his ending. Likewise, the world of the series will continue with The Berlin Show, about which there are not many details.

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