The 3 Most Watched Netflix Series Last Week (May 16-22, 2022)


It’s a new week on Netflix, and here we bring you the top 3 selected series, where you will see a surprise regarding a new title.

The third most-watched series on Netflix last week (May 16-22, 2022).© NetflixThe third most-watched series on Netflix last week (May 16-22, 2022).

Broadcast service can Netflix It doesn’t have its best time, but no one can deny that every title released generates some popularity above the competition. Interestingly, the current content talks have something to do with the platform, so something similar happened this week and Here we concretely introduce you to the 3 series that made the most talk.

We’re in the last days of May, and while the company rolls out its strategies to try to lessen the impact of the subscriber slump, the only remedy so far is its releases. During the month, hit shows like the latest seasons margin yes Who killed Sarah?But it will be added soon Weird things. Take a look at your favorite Netflix shows from Days 16 to 22!

+ The 3 most-watched series on Netflix last week

3- Ozarks

In the last days of April, the last seven episodes of the Bill Dubuque-created drama, which is currently considered one of the best shows to be aired, have arrived. The Bryde Family story culminated in smashing success by generating hundreds of millions of views in the following weeks, also making it one of the most picked films of 2022.

2- Welcome to Aden

The Spanish production only needed the first weekend to top the main chart, but this time it fell to second place, although it shows they are continuing unscathed. Its sparkling story is a great reason not to miss it: It follows four social media savvy teens who are invited to an exclusive secret beach party that will change them forever.

1- Lincoln’s lawyer

During the week that he finished killing Sarah?, in the presence of Lincoln’s attorneyWhich enters Netflix and quickly become the most watched series in recent days. Starring Manuel García Rulfo, this drama is about a rebellious idealist who practices law in the back seat of Lincoln, taking on cases of all kinds and sizes in Los Angeles.

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