The $200 test discourages Canadian fans from the Buffalo and Detroit teams

The US Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that it will reopen its land borders on November 8 to properly vaccinate Canadians. However, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that non-essential travelers will have to test negative for COVID-19 to return to the country.

Federal exams cost $200 each.

“I think we get excited about something that is not realistic for most people,” Connor Nealen said.

Typically, this Ontario travels to Buffalo a dozen times during the year to attend the local games of his favorite hockey team, Sabers, one of the two National League teams near the border. Canadian-American, with red wings from Detroit.

If you cross the border at 4 p.m. and come back to Canada at 11 p.m. That same evening, you won’t have time to take a PCR test, he says. And if you buy one at the drugstore before you go, it will cost you at least $200. It does not work. No one would pay that to attend a seasonal game, let alone a Sabers game.

The Buffalo Sabers and Detroit Red Wings both have many fans in Ontario.

Photo: Associated Press/Joshua Besix

The Buffalo hockey team has been the laughingstock of the NHL for a few years now, having had no success on the ice. Last Thursday, only 8,467 people attended the opening of the team’s home in KeyBank Center. Tickets can be purchased for around twenty dollars.

The majority of Canadian fans I spoke to told me they would wait for a more realistic optionConcludes.

Canadians who make a journey of less than 72 hours to the United States can be tested at home before they travel south of the border. This test is valid upon their return to Canada.

Blake Barnham, who resides near Barry, is a huge fan of the Bills, the Buffalo-based NFL team. He also has no plans to cross the border anytime soon.

Someone wrote me to tell me he flew from Toronto to Pittsburgh, then another flew to Buffalo, to watch the first game of the season, all with a PCR test result. ”He passed before he left. In terms of public health, it doesn’t make sense because this person could have contracted COVID-19 in a stadium with 70,000 unmasked people and went home with a result obtained in Canada!

I’m not saying that testing should be scrapped for returning Canadians, but I’m asking for some consistency from the government in their decisions., he adds.

Martin England, of Waterloo, prefers to wait until the COVID-19 situation has subsided before heading to the United States to support this same team.

I can’t wait to go, but I’m not ready yet. He said it was very difficult. Which is frustrating for me because the bills are good for the first time in 25 years and I don’t have a chance to go and celebrate the team’s successes with the rest fans In Buffalo!

Rebecca Frerotte, who lives in Hamilton, thinks she’s going to see Invoices At least once with her husband this season, but she will make sure to extend her stay in the United States in order to offset the cost of her PCR test.

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We have crossed the border many times before. We even got season tickets for Invoices. It is very strange not being able to move forward since the beginning of the epidemicas you say.

The same observation among fans of Michigan teams

The University of Michigan Wolverines' home is filled with a team football game.

The University of Michigan Wolverines games usually attract a lot of Ontarians to Ann Arbor.

Photo: Associated Press/Tony Ding

Detroit and its surrounding areas are home to many professional sports teams, including red wings in the NHL, the Lions in the NFL and tigers in Major League Baseball.

Sarnia resident Patrice Dufour is a big fan of the sport, but will still watch these teams on TV after the reopening of the borders due to the high costs added to each trip to the US.

The cost of a PCR test is twice what I paid to see red wings November 13th vs Montreal. For two people, we came to $600. I haven’t paid for petrol, bridge and parking yet. If you translate all of this into Canadian dollars, it’s $1,000 to go watch a hockey game, which doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Like many residents of southwestern Ontario, Patrice Dufour also occasionally went to Ann Arbor, less than an hour west of Detroit, to watch the University of Quebec football team in Michigan before the pandemic. But again, it will be delayed.

I have tickets for the Pistons on November 21 and Wolverine, in football, 27 against Ohio State. It’s a big game, but the same thing, a day of $600 or more? no thanks.

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