Thanks to the novice, Blue Jays does not hesitate

Despite finishing fourth in the highly competitive US Eastern Conference Baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays have the wind in their sails and continue to pose stiff opposition to all of their competitors.

This week, Director Charlie Montoyo’s band is working in the western US, playing somewhat late hours. However, that didn’t stop her from winning two of the first three matches of her journey, which started in the home of the Los Angeles Angels. On Wednesday, an impressive performance from the start helped Alec Manoah Jays to a 10-2 victory.

The rookie also totaled 11 strokes, the highest in his career. In six runs and two-thirds, he gave up two runs, as a result of his home training by Shohei Ohtani. He became the first cannon in club history to reach 70 hits in 11 games or less.

“It was exceptional. He obviously was good the whole time. He may have had a less convincing exit, but other than that it still gave us a chance to win,” Montoyo told Of course, it mattered this time, because the relief container was small and we were Need a start like this.”

Also, in Manoh’s 114 shots, the opponent split the air 22 times. It has a very good slippery ball and its diameter has the desired effect. I’ve seen many sticks smashed, Angels director Joe Madon admitted. In addition, he appears in the hill with a strong stance, which is not bad. I think it’s good. He will be healthy for a long time.”

The battle continues

Heading into the final game of their four-game streak at Anaheim, the Jays were six and a half games behind at the top of the division occupied by the Tampa Bay Rays. The Boston Red Sox finished second in four games, while the New York Yankees were ahead of Toronto.

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This weekend, the Ontario team will visit the Seattle Mariners for three games, before playing twice for the Washington national team.

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