Thailand – Health: Fighting AIDS remains a priority for the Kingdom

Thailand intends to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic and reduce discrimination against people living with HIV by 2030 by continuing to implement a long-term plan guided by three goals: reducing infections, deaths and discrimination.

The World Health Organization designated December 1 as World AIDS Day in 1988 to raise awareness of the epidemic and to mourn the lives lost. Since then, it has become a day when governments and UN agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations, make announcements.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha was quoted as saying that Thailand has been working towards the three goals since 2017. In addition, the country has set itself three goals until 2030: less than 1,000 new targets. HIV infection annually, fewer than 4,000 AIDS-related deaths per year, and reduced discrimination against people living with the virus.

Traisoli said six long-term HIV/AIDS strategies have been implemented in Thailand. Regard :

Providing effective health care to high-risk communities,
– improve prevention campaigns,
– improving treatment and social support for people living with the virus,
Improving public understanding of AIDS and its treatment in order to reduce discrimination against people living with HIV,
Invest in disease prevention and management at the regional and district levels, and promote effective access to HIV/AIDS data and research.

Mr. Traisoli added that the UNAids meeting will be held in Thailand from 13-16 December. The UN agency coordinating council will hold its 51st meeting in Chiang Mai. Representatives of 22 governments, as well as NGOs and other groups, are expected to attend.

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