Test room, a new gaming space soon in Toulouse

On July 10, The Test Room, a new immersive question-and-answer game, will open in Toulouse in a TV game environment.

Quiz Room, a new immersive gaming space in Toulouse, will open on July 10 QuizRoom

This will change escape games. For the first time in Toulouse, it will showcase an immersive game to immerse yourself in the world of gaming shows. La ques room, which opens July 10 at 148, rue Déodat-de-Séverac, will allow “groups of friends or colleagues to come and enjoy and challenge each other over fun questions”, in the words of their designers, Tristan Klein and Charles Babbitt. They insist on access to surveys: “Whoever used to lose in Trivial Pursuit™ can take revenge and win the Quiz Room.” Therefore, the founders, in collaboration with Ambre Larrazet, former author of Burger Quiz and Canal Plus, envisioned different questions and “related to popular culture and shared by far too many.” There is something for all ages and all tastes.

Buzzers are like quests for a hero

Round stage inspired by the “Maillon Weak” stage, a scenography reminiscent of “Who Wants to Win Millions” and whistles like “Questions for the Hero”. “Going into the testing room allows you to imagine yourself on the other side of the screen,” said the two young entrepreneurs. Emphasizing that they created their own game, “those for TV were not adapted to a special experience (eliminations, champions logic, money winnings, improved judgments for TV productions…)” Competition rooms have already been opened, successfully in Paris and Bordeaux.

Source: press release

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