Test at Heathrow to catch up with the UK

A new experience has been revealed July 7 at United kingdom. an airport London Heathrow AirportAnd the British Airways And the Virgin Atlantic Together we are working on a fast-track system that will be assigned to vaccinated travelers. This test begins this week, and concerns travelers arriving in central London from countries that appear on the “orange list”. For now only four airports involved, namely New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), Montego Bay and Athens. Business travel clients are specifically targeted, as the project managers note: “ Routes such as Los Angeles-LAX and New York-JFK were chosen because transatlantic air links between the United States and the United Kingdom are necessary to boost business, reunite families and get people on vacation. ».

This test will run on a voluntary basis and with anonymous data. Upon arrival in London Heathrow, travelers will present their Covid-19 certificate – in digital or paper format. Internationally recognized vaccination certificates will therefore be accepted, in particular the NHS application, CDC card, US-applicable digital certificate and of course the EU digital certificate. In addition, British Airways will verify customer vaccinations through the VeriFLY app. The same goes for Virgin Atlantic with TrustAssure technology developed in partnership with Delta. The three partners are already planning to expand this list with other criteria, and the IATA passport has already been mentioned.

reassure the government

The three heavyweights on the UK business trip have clearly run out of patience with the UK’s delays in terms of health checks. It intends purely and simply to show the way to the government. Government handled by British Airways and Virginia Atlantic officials. ” Despite the resounding success [du vaccin]The United Kingdom has failed to reap the economic and social fruits, falling behind countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta, which accept all fully vaccinated travelers, including those in the United States, without the need to isolate them. », select those responsible for the project. hear now” Reassure the government that airlines and airports can check the status of the vaccine upstream (…), in order to avoid any additional pressure in the UK immigration halls«.

The United Kingdom is already lagging behind the United States and the European Union

« The UK is already lagging behind the US and the EU, and a very cautious approach to international travel will have an additional impact on the economic recovery and on the 500,000 UK jobs at risk. ‘, warns Shay Weiss. Virgin Atlantic CEO adds: The UK government must act now to end self-isolation for fully vaccinated passengers coming from ‘amber’ countries, and no later than when domestic flights reopen on 19 July. Our testing on some US and Caribbean lines shows that our sector is ready to implement the new policy quickly and work with government and authorities to ensure it is implemented smoothly and at a steady pace, in order to support reopening. The transatlantic corridor, without which the British economy loses 23 million pounds every day ».

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A note shared by Sean Doyle, CEO of British Airways: “ We already help our clients provide proof of their vaccination status when traveling to a number of countries outside the UK that require it, and we are confident we can do the same for entry into Grande. -Brittany, very quickly. We look forward to providing data that demonstrates that it is easy to verify the status of a fully vaccinated person and enables the government to fulfill its commitment to bring the country back into motion. »

Business travelers in particular United State Particularly targeted by this approach, the Head of Heathrow Airport emphasized: “ The British government must advance in reopening travel with the US, (…), the only country with which the UK has a trade surplus John Holland Kaye confirms.

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