Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport welcomes passengers from danger zones

Queues at Heathrow Airport (Photo: DR)

Terminal 3 at London Heathrow has been converted into a single terminal for flights to high-risk countries. The measure came into effect for people coming from 43 countries deemed dangerous by British authorities. At the moment, there are only three countries on this red list – Bangladesh, India and Pakistan – It has direct flights with the British capital.

It is not the need to facilitate passenger queues that motivates the authorities. The airport indicates that The top priority is to protect the public and help reduce the risks of new variants of the coronavirus. Concern has already increased since the information denounced the truth of it Passengers from high-risk countries mixed with other travelers In the halls of immigration.

Normally only British and Irish nationals or residents of the United Kingdom are allowed to travel from the listed countries. But Anyone who has resided in a Red List country in the past 10 daysWhether it made a direct flight or a transfer, You must complete a 10 nights quarantine at the hotel.

Kafka Health Regulations

According to a BBC spokesperson for Heathrow Airport, “ Red List countries are likely to be a feature of UK travel in the near future. we Adapting Heathrow Airport to this long-term reality By opening a dedicated access lounge first. »

Includes current system Mandatory negative COVID tests For all arrivals internationalCompulsory wearing of masks, social distancing and strengthening of cleaning and ventilation systems in immigration halls. This contributes to long queues when arriving at stations.

a The position expressed by Heathrow Director General John Holland Kaye: The government should significantly expand the green list to include low-risk markets. It should also eliminate the need for fully vaccinated passengers to take two costly PCR tests. Border Force claims that “long immigration queues are inevitable” are a complacency. It can be avoided if ministers ensure that all counters are occupied during peak hours. The government promised to deploy additional agents and automatically check portals over the summer.

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