Ten migrants arrested in summer: Béziers Cap-d’Agde airport, crossing point to the United Kingdom?

Since the beginning of this summer, ten immigrants of Iranian origin have been detained by customs officials at Péterois airport with false or stolen documents.

This Saturday, September 24, many passengers who chose to board at Béziers Cap-d’Agde airport were surprised by the massive presence of gendarmes and customs officials. It should be said that since the summer began, less than ten migrants have been stopped by customs officials.

All are of Iranian origin and have been arrested for possessing false passports or stolen documents. All of them had booked tickets to England. They have been handed over to judicial authorities and investigation is underway.

“more alert”

Has Béziers become a crossing point organized by clandestine networks towards the United Kingdom? This is what the administrative and judicial authorities do not like to see. So this large-scale operation is set to be repeated in the coming months.

Biterrois Airport loses its frequent arrival intensity when entering winter, with only six flights per week instead of twenty during summer.

“This airport is open internationally and especially to the United Kingdom. The commander of the Béziers gendarmerie company, Vincent Bartonneau, confirmed. This openness to foreign countries is of interest to illegal immigration networks. We must fight against this cruelty organized from our neighboring countries. This resurgence we’ve seen this summer is forcing us to tighten controls. There should be more. Post-Brexit, our view of tourists from or to the UK has changed. We have to be more vigilant.”

False documents

Customs inspector and vice president of customs surveillance services, Paul Jacud, confirmed the findings on departure from Beziers Cap-d’Agde airport.

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“Customs authorities are responsible for monitoring the so-called “small” airports like Beziers. We monitor all passenger flows, especially exiting or entering the Schengen area. Here in Beziers, in fact, we check the Ryanair flights. , which mainly goes to the United Kingdom. And this summer, Customs officers intercepted a dozen people and submitted documents causing problems. They turned out to be false or stolen papers. France is a destination country for England, so we are very vigilant, especially in small structures like this, where many people imagine that it is easy to send checks without worry.

Tickets from foreign countries

According to our information, the documents obtained from the ten people who tried to reach the United Kingdom were Brazilian, Czech and Moroccan documents. All of these fraudulent documents have been discovered by customs officials in Beziers, usually between six and eight years old, depending on the requirements.

This Saturday, gendarmes from the Aviation Brigade, but also dog handlers from the Gendarmerie and soldiers from Beziers and Bezenas supported the mission throughout the afternoon, to ensure increased surveillance of the site. Customs officers present at every visit. and departures of commercial and private flights.

All these mechanisms should be mobilized frequently at the airport, which should discourage all attempts at illegal passage or put an end to the network that appears to have been set up in Beziers.

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