Teen pretends to be a woman on a carjacking dating site

Police arrested a French teen last Thursday, in Mantes-la-Ville, on suspicion of participating in several car thefts using an original scheme, reports say. Parisian.

The 15-year-old allegedly created a fake profile on a dating site. He pretended to be a woman and thus lured his victims on a “date”.

Instead, the driver was greeted by three men who violently removed him from the vehicle and then fled in the vehicle.

A man who got stuck in this way decided to complain to the authorities, and then set a trap for the criminals.

When police saw two teenagers attack the driver of a car they were watching closely, they arrested the robbers and their 16-year-old accomplice who was standing guard at the entrance to the park where the ride was scheduled to take place.

However, the mastermind behind this stunt confessed to at least one of his crimes. He also admitted to driving a stolen car without a license.

false interpretation?

The teen told investigators that the man who framed him Thursday was a pedophile he suspected of approaching his sister on a gaming platform, so he wanted revenge on that person.

However, the police did not seem to believe the version of the 15-year-old, who the police already knew.

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