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More generous cellular plans, believed to be intended for the United States and Europe, have appeared in Quebec in recent weeks.

Karim Benessaieh

Karim Benessaieh

cellular plans

Bell and Telus offer “unlimited” data these days — actually 20GB at full speed, then unlimited at 512KB/s — for $65, which can be shared between multiple devices. Rogers has a slightly higher bid of $80, but with 30GB at full speed. Last year, you had to pay at least $80 for “unlimited”, but non-sharable data offers. Videotron has another formula: All inclusive cellular plans, starting with the plan that offers 20 GB for $65 per month, qualifies for 100 GB of additional data per year, at full speed.

Google for startups

Photo from the TENGIVA website. COM

Founded in 2018 by researchers Annie Sayer and Carlos Agudelo (our photo), Tengiva provides a transaction platform for textiles in nearly thirty countries. She is part of Google 2021’s group of startups, Women Founder.

The Google Startup Incubator, set up by the search engine giant in 2011, has since last year included a new section dedicated to companies founded by women, Women Founder. A young growth from Beloeil has been chosen among the 12 lucky ones elected in 2021, we learned this week. Founded in 2018, by researchers Annie Sayer and Carlos Agudelo, Tengiva has designed a textile trading platform in nearly thirty countries. She was one of the companies to be hosted at the Incubator of the Higher School of Technology (ÉTS), Centech, during the winter of 2020. As of September 27, her team will have an intensive 10-week mentoring programme.

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Gamescom 2021

Photo by Marius Becker, archive press

Gamescom 2021 mascot

The European video game meeting, Gamescom 2021, which took place this week, was an occasion to announce the usual wave of video games, especially the highly anticipated games infinite aura, scheduled for next December, and Amazon’s first big house game, new world, which will be available in beta starting September 9. But it was Panasonic that especially caught the eye with an amazing product that was treated with an insane presentation: immersive speakers that the gamer could fit on his shoulders, thus avoiding the discomfort of wearing headphones for extended periods. The SoundSlayer WIGSS, which plugs into all consoles, is a kind of trap with four speakers that will go on sale next October, costing $199. Canada details were not disclosed.

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