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At the end of July, the English Premier League was exported to the United States for the first English Premier League Summer Series in history. Six English clubs will face each other in the United States in preparation for next season.

What teams will be in the Premier League?

Six PL clubs are invited to this preparatory tournament. These are Chelsea, Brighton, Aston Villa, Brentford, Fulham and Newcastle. The Blues bring star power and the assurance of seeing a great historic club in England. However, it is the lowest ranked team in the last tournament. The other five teams head to the coin counters to watch and head to the US to expand their brands and find a new audience. They made an impression in the UK, and now the event will be very different from a marketing point of view in a country where football or ‘soccer’ is booming as they say, as evidenced by the arrival of Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets at Inter Miami.

Summer Premier League schedule

The tournament will be held from July 22 to 30 in five US cities: Atlanta, Harrison, Orlando, Philadelphia and Landover. Here is the schedule of the various matches.

  • July 22 in Philadelphia at 1 am: Chelsea – Brighton
  • July 23 in Philadelphia at 10pm: Fulham-Brentford
  • July 23, in Philadelphia, 1 a.m.: Newcastle-Aston Villa
  • July 26th in Atlanta 11:30pm: Brentford-Brighton
  • July 26 in Orlando at 1 am: Fulham – Aston Villa
  • July 26 in Atlanta 2:15 am: Newcastle-Chelsea
  • July 28th in Harrison 1:30am: Brighton-Newcastle
  • July 30 in Landover, 6pm: Aston Villa – Brentford
  • July 30 in Landover, 8:45pm: Chelsea v Fulham

How and where do you watch the Premier League?

To be able to watch these different matches on TV, you will need a subscription to Canal + Sport in France, the exclusive broadcaster of the competition. Otherwise, the meetings will be watchable on NBC Sports, the US-based Peacock platform.

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