Team USA also wants Joel Embiid…

We have known “free agents” in the NBA, and now there are “free agents” internationally. Because Joel Embiid’s multiple passports attract greed…

Clearly intent on playing the Olympics in Paris in 2024, the hub of the Philadelphia Sixers knows he has almost no chance of getting to them with Cameroon, knowing that key qualifying periods take place during the NBA season and therefore won’t be. able to share. In July, Joel Embiid also obtained French citizenship and the Blues were rubbing their hands at the idea of ​​being able to add such a player to their upcoming FIBA ​​competitions.

Except that they’re not immediately alone since the dolphin Nikola Jokic was awarded the MVP trophy last regular season in the NBA, as well as US citizenship.

From now on, he can therefore play for three countries: Cameroon, France and the United States. According to Mark Stein, Team USA is also interested in his profile. It must be said that the United States lacked influence under the circle for years in the national team, and that Joel Embiid’s subsequent match would do them no harm.

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