Tanger Med showcases its port and logistics offerings at SIAM

Tanger Med, which is participating in the 15th edition of the SIAM exhibition, highlighted its port and logistics offering in the service of national imports and exports. In 2022, the port complex handled 3.7 million tons of agro-food products by TIR import/export truck and 13.5 million tons in containers. France, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany are the main export destinations for these products.

The port complex has a dedicated ‘export access’ infrastructure of 19 hectares to handle export flows with a handling capacity of 2,100 units per day and an average transit time of two hours. This platform makes it possible to process exports of Moroccan products in the textile, leather, automotive, aviation, electronics, horticulture and fresh produce sectors. The import traffic is geographically separated from the export region, allowing for linear flows and transparent circuits.

For its part, the port logistics area, backed by the port, includes a refrigerated unit of 5,500 square meters and a storage capacity of 35,000 cubic meters / 5,500 units dedicated to storage, preservation, labeling and packaging as well as light processing of agro-food products.

In addition, Tangier Med is connected to more than 180 ports and 77 countries around the world. This makes it possible to reach Northern Europe in 3 days, North and South America in 10 days, and China in 20 days.

Complete digitization of import and export operations

Tangier Med is engaged in a process of digitization to facilitate exports. Hence, to support importers and exporters, the complex has created the Port Community System, which is a platform that provides digital solutions to importers and exporters. Among the services provided: dematerialization of import and export operations, traceability of shipment units, flow management, remote invoicing, MRN ordering, multi-channel payment.

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Currently, operators are able to complete port transit procedures online, submitting all necessary documents electronically to the services responsible for managing import and export activities.

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