Taliban kill three people for playing music at a wedding

The Afghan government said, on Saturday, that militants demonstrating in the form of the Taliban opened fire on a wedding party playing music, killing at least three people.

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Government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that two of the three attackers were arrested and confirmed that they were not acting on behalf of the Islamist movement.

“Last night at the wedding of Haji Malang Jan in Shamspur Mar Gundi village in Nangarhar, three people disguised as Taliban entered the party and asked to stop the music,” said the door.

He added: “As a result of the shooting, at least three people were killed and several others were wounded.”

He said that “the Taliban arrested two suspects and one of the fugitives is still wanted,” stressing that the attackers “who used the name of the Islamic Emirate to solve their problems, will face Islamic law.”

Qazi Mulla Adel, a spokesman for Nangarhar province, confirmed the incident, without elaborating on further details.

Young people put the music in a separate room, and three Taliban members arrived and opened fire on them. A witness told AFP that the two wounded were in serious condition.

All secular music was banned by the Taliban during their previous regime (1996-2001). While the new Islamic government has yet to legislate on this subject, it still considers listening to non-religious music contrary to its vision of Islamic law.

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In a press conference held earlier, Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed that “if someone takes it upon himself to kill a human being, even if it is our men, this is a crime and we will present it before the judiciary and he has to confront it.” Law “.

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