Taiwanese make fish cart

(Taichung) There was a flying fish, Jerry Huang had just invented a rolling fish, with his goldfish he was walking with in a baby carriage.

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In the Taiwanese city of Taichung, Mr. Huang pushed his latest invention: an aquarium on wheels.

“Before, people would walk their dogs and cats. Today, they walk their parrots, snakes and lizards too. I have even seen people with their pet spiders,” he says.

So why not hunt? This marine biologist set himself the task of making them “explore another environment above water”.

This drone photography enthusiast who lives from his YouTube channel spent weeks in his workshop designing a fish cart before assembling it in a few days with spare parts on hand.

A large cylindrical aquarium connected to a filtration and oxygen system accompanied by a battery, all mounted on a specially designed wagon. Estimated cost: 280 to 375 EUR (385 to 515 CAD).

“I did a lot of research before I started making this aquarium. It’s not a trigger. You have to understand the fish. There is a reason to choose the goldfish.”

Because it’s not easy to feel good when you’re a fish, certainly in aquarium water, but roaming around in the human world. The goldfish, strong and accustomed to curious faces, is the species best suited for this type of experience.

Mr. Huang is convinced that his animals enjoy walking.

“We all have this desire to explore strange, uninhabitable worlds. This is why we send spaceships into the universe.”

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“If I were a goldfish, I would definitely be very excited if someone invented a way to explore other worlds.”

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