Taiwan | President calls on China to stop “military adventurism”

(Taipei) Taiwan’s president urged China on Saturday to stop its “military adventures,” when tensions between Beijing and Taipei reached their highest level in years.

Beijing has increased pressure on the democratic island since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, who believes Taiwan is a sovereign state and not part of China.

In recent months, the Chinese Military Air Force has made a record number of incursions into the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (Adiz).

m . saidI Tsai during his New Year speech, “The use of military means is not at all an option to resolve the differences between the two parties.”

Beijing regards the island as a rebel province that must eventually be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary.

In his New Year address, Chinese President Xi Jinping, for his part, declared that “the complete reunification of our homeland is a common aspiration of the peoples” of China and Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry warned in October that military tensions with China were at their highest level in four decades.

In recent years, Beijing has also intensified its efforts to isolate Taiwan on the international stage.

China regards any official statement from “independent” Taiwan as a provocation and has repeatedly threatened the consequences for the countries that support Taipei in self-determination.

Beijing has encouraged Taiwan’s shrinking diplomatic allies to change their positions.

Thus, China reopened its embassy in Nicaragua on Friday, three weeks after restoring diplomatic relations – which had been suspended since 1990 – with the country.

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