Switch will be a rare commodity in 2022, Logan Paul draws the ire of Game Boy fans, this is the recap of the week

Nintendo confie que la Switch pourrait être difficile à trouver en 2022, Logan Paul sacrifie 15 Game Boy Color et met en colère de nombreux internautes, l’un des torrents de Spider-Man 3 dissimule malware un de cryptominage, c’est le récap’ of the week.

The last week of 2021 was once again full of revelations and warnings! We talked about Nintendo with the expectation of a switch out of stock but also thanks to Logan Paul who made the epoxy resin table by sacrificing 15 Game Boy Colors. While Spider-Man No Way Home is already available on hacking websites a few days after its theatrical release, beware of a torrent file that hides encryption malware. Hackers are everywhere Korean researchers have just discovered another virus in an unexpected area of ​​some Micron SSDs. Welcome to the first recap of the year’s week!

Switch: The demand for 2022 may not be met

Nintendo CEO Kyoto has revealed that the Switch will be hard to find in 2022. Shuntaro Furukawa explains that the console is a victim of its success and stellar sales in 2021, and that production remains slow due to a shortage of semiconductors. The head of the Japanese brand warns that there is a strong possibility that there will be a shortage next year. ” It will depend on demand, but I’m afraid we may not be able to make as many controllers as we’d like. » Konvei Shuntaro Furukawa.

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Table of 15 Game Boy Color games that fans don’t like

Logan Paul rocks the web once again with a video in which we see the popular YouTuber drenching 15 Game Boy Colors in epoxy resin, in order to make a unique Pokémon-themed table. Shared on TikTok and Twitter, the video quickly crossed seven million views but didn’t win everyone over. Many netizens were shocked by this “chaos”, this “profane”, YouTuber made these units in perfect condition and forever unusable.

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Watch out for this fake Spider-Man 3 torrent

Barely released in theaters, Spider-Man No Way Home has been quickly made available for illegal download, but it’s not without risks. In fact, ReasonLabs just discovered that one of the files masquerading as the latest version of Marvel is actually a dangerous malware that was created to mine cryptocurrency as soon as it is installed on your computer. The virus is unfortunately able to escape the vigilance of Windows Defender. So beware of torrent spiderman_net_putidomoi.torrent.exe for the file name.

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Why does Windows Update offer to download old updates?

When you go to Windows Update settings, you may find that the Optional Updates folder has a lot of driver updates waiting to be installed. Most of them are very old and therefore outdated. However, this is not a bug, but a solution from Microsoft to allow different driver classes to exist in Windows Update. The Redmond giant justifies this hoarding with an explanation.” This is a support tool that should not replace other drivers. »

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New attack targeting some Micron SSD hard drives

Korean security researchers have discovered a new type of malware that cannot be detected by antivirus software. The attack is nested in Micron-branded SSDs using Flex Capacity technology. The malware is injected between the disk’s storage area and that of Over Provisioning, then allowing hackers to exploit that space as they see fit, collecting data and hiding malicious code without arousing any suspicion.

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