Sweet Tooth (Netflix): release date, plot, cast … all you need to know

Today, there are many Caricature Brought to the screen. In the realm of adaptation big, it is called smaller Sweet tooth Soon it will be playing on Netflix. If the name means anything to you, it’s because the project wasn’t too young and the US Hulu platform was really interested in it in 2018.

But now, the series is finally “scrolled” for Reed Hastings. In 2020, production begins, always accompanied by the original producers: Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey.

Today, the comic book cult has been adapted with a pen Jeff Lemire is finally preparing to land our screens and it was worth a little overview of what lies ahead.

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Sweet tooth, what is all this?

In the near future, a large part of humanity has been wiped out due to a mysterious virus and hybrid forms have appeared, half human and half animal children.

Jos (Christian Convery)One of them lives far from civilization with his father in the jungle. But when he turns everything upside down, he will have to turn away from the paths he knows. On his way, he will meet Tommy Geberd (Nunso Anuzi)A man he can count on in this new life.

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Yes no Caricature Known for its darker tone, the series shouldn’t take this route. This wish was confirmed by Downey’s spouses, and they preferred to make it A. Turns out The Best Family. Fans of the comics can be assured, however: the producers assure that the main themes and moments will be preserved.

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In short, this version of Sweet tooth He will say the same thing but in a different way. One way to possibly make history accessible to the young is while offering an unprecedented reading for experts.

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What is the release date of the series?

The first season of Sweet tooth Scheduled to play on Netflix June 4, 2021. The broadcast platform clearly doesn’t change its habits Eight loops Season one at a time. No duration has been confirmed, but we have to be within the platform average, between 45 minutes and one hour per episode.

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Sweet Tooth trailer

The various photos are dated, as is the final trailer Sweet tooth, Promise a children’s story with beautiful, dreamlike imagery, away from Lemire’s violent world.

However, we can easily recognize an intrigue Caricature. humor Harasses Apocalypse, Gus’ goal, his relationship with his father (Will Forte), his meeting with Tommy Gibbard, those who will help him and those who chase after him. These pictures will make you want to see more.

Who is responsible for the show?

As we told you above, the MCU star, Robert Downey Jr. (Iron ManAnd his wife, Susan Downey, By their production company, Team Downey. Jim Mikel It was chosen to be Show, Which leads the chain.

Credit: Netflix

Le Casting De Sweet Tooth

  • Christian Convey is Joss
  • Nunso Anuzi is Tommy Gibbard
  • Dania Ramirez is Amy
  • Neil Sandlands is General Stephen Abbott
  • Will Forte is Goose’s father
  • Stefania Lavie Owen is a beer
  • Alisa Villani is Rani Singh
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