Sweet Dreams Watching Sandman on Netflix

Some comics are so complex, with such a graphically rich universe, that an adaptation to a TV series seems completely impossible. in this category, Sandman by Neil Gaiman (published by Delcourt and then Panini Comics) has long been considered the worst in terms of transmission. When Netflix decided to embark on this difficult challenge, the easiest thing was to ask the creator of this rich fantasy universe to coordinate the conversion. The score was faithful to the original series, but above all else, it’s a really good surprise for this summer of little emptiness except for the return of The Boys on Amazon or the finale of Stranger Things, the head of a Netflix gondola.

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The first story arc tells how the Sandman (Tom Sturridge), the master of dreams, was captured to Earth by amateur witches. He was lured into an English mansion, and imprisoned in a glass dungeon for over 100 years. The appetizer is rather surprising because the real hero of the series, also called Morpheus, was only naked, curled up and silent in his small cage, unable to act, to respond.

Imprisonment ends today. Sandman returns to his kingdom to find that his minions, dreams and nightmares have left his kingdom to plague the earth. He will also have to restore his three attributes that give him strength: helmet, sand, and ruby.

In the second long plot, you see him chasing a nightmare, the Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), seeking to free himself from the guardianship of the King of Dreams. The most violent and bloody part. In the series we find the fragmented side of the graphic novels.

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Some episodes can be watched completely independently of others. Two, with particularly rich universes, could have been adapted for feature films. The fifth episode, titled 24 Hours, takes place almost exclusively in a cafeteria. A man in possession of a sapphire is trying to experience the truth. Each client will let go of their social mask and say what they really think. Fatal fact. The next episode, The Voice of His Wings, tells how Sandman decided to reverse his sister’s advice (La Mort…) to grant the man immortality. Every 100 years they find themselves in the same place and Sandman asks him if he is still satisfied with his immortality. The philosophical potential is enormous.

The series, consisting of ten one-hour episodes, is richer than ten series of 20 episodes heroic fantasy always developing the same themes. But unlike the fully orchestrated storylines, Sandman’s return for a second season can’t be guaranteed just yet.

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