Sweden | The new prime minister resigns on her election day

(Stockholm) – Less than eight hours after being elected by parliament, Sweden’s new Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson was forced to resign on Wednesday after a nightmare day marked by the defeat of her budget and the departure of her environmental allies from the government.

There is a constitutional practice whereby a coalition government resigns when a party leaves it. “I don’t want to lead a government whose legitimacy is questionable,” the Social Democrat leader told a news conference.

In the evening of this failed judgment, Mr.I Anderson said he hoped to be re-elected to her position in a subsequent vote, with a 100% Social Democratic government.

Elected for a few hours as the first woman to this position after several days of already meticulous negotiations, she was the victim of a painful game of political dominoes.

On Tuesday evening, the 54-year-old economist, who until now was the finance minister of her predecessor Stefan Lofven, got the support needed to seize power, thanks to a last-minute deal with the Left Party to increase small pensions.

But another major party, the Center Party, unhappy with the concessions made to the left wing, withdrew its support for the budget, without hampering its rise to power.

The result: the same parliament that elected her in the morning put its budget into a minority in the afternoon, and adopted the budget of the right-wing opposition, first prepared with the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD).

NSI Anderson said he can live with it. But for his environmental ally, the only other party in the minority government coalition, it was unacceptable to rule with a financial law bearing the stamp of the far right.

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Soon after the budget was defeated, the Environmental Party announced its exit from the government, forcing Mr.I Anderson to return the apron he barely got.

House Speaker Andreas Norlin said he accepts his resignation and will now contact party leaders before making a decision on how to proceed on Thursday.

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