Suspended by Court Biden administration defends vaccination demand

(Washington) The US government of Joe Biden, on Sunday, defended the legality of its commitment to the vaccine against COVID-19 in companies with more than a hundred employees, which were suspended the day before by a justice that wants to check its constitutionality.

“We are confident this ‘action’ will comply with law and regulations,” Cedric Richmond, an advisor to the President of the United States, told CBS.

He stressed that the “weekly test option” was offered to employees who had shown complete resistance to the vaccine.

“Being president doesn’t make easy decisions, he makes fair decisions and has the courage to implement them,” he added, while conservatives denounce any form of commitment to vaccination as “dictatorial” measures. “The ongoing carnage,” with more than 750,000 deaths from the pandemic in the United States, is “unacceptable,” and “vaccines are the best way to fight that,” this close adviser to Joe Biden insisted.

The controversial measure consists of forcing tens of millions of employees at companies with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 4, or else they would have to undergo very regular testing.

A federal appeals court on Saturday, which has been quickly seized by Republican-controlled Texas, decided to suspend this new regulation by invoking “serious constitutional and procedural problems,” the time to examine it on the merits. This is a setback for the Democratic president, who is relying on these somewhat intense forms of vaccination commitments to re-launch a vaccination campaign that is slipping.

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“The president and the government would not have taken these measures if they did not believe they were appropriate and necessary,” US chief medical officer Vivek Murthy responded to ABC, assuring that the executive branch would “defend” them in court.

He noted that a mandatory vaccine is “not new” in American history, and it was imposed against many diseases.

He did not rule out extending the measure to smaller companies if it was finally approved by justice.

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