Surrounding female pastors in the United States

Written by Nomi Taylor-Rosner

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In California, the mega-church Saddle Pack, led by influential Bishop Rick Warren, has added three bishops to its bishops. A decision that will cause a stir within the Southern Baptist Conference has already gone through many crises over the months.

Their names are Liz Buffer, Cynthia Betty and Katie Edwards, they are evangelicals and since May 6 their appointment led by the famous California Mega Church Saddle Pack has caused a scandal within the Southern Baptist Conference (SBC). The largest American Protestant faction, with more than 14 million faithful, is actually one of the few who opposes the appointment of women to the episcopate. In 2000, in the face of a surge of dissenting voices on the issue, the conference forbade the appointment of women to its doctrinal statement, the Baptist faith and the message of the “Scriptures that only men can refer to the activity of the pastor.” C relies on the so-called “complementary” theological position, according to which men and …

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