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At first glance, video game creation is a dense and complex field. But it can also be cool and fun, as Nintendo has proven by it Garage builder game, the most pleasant surprise of this season.

Let’s be frank. The author of these lines has very little knowledge of video game programming – or, frankly, programming of any kind. And his interest in this field is not particularly high.

So it is without great expectations that Newspaper before the test Garage builder gameNew Nintendo site show offered for a week. The surprise was complete. Frankly, it is very beautiful.

For even if the interest and knowledge of the matter are not insignificant assets, they are far from being necessary to appreciate this game. This is because Nintendo has done an amazing job promoting teaching players how to create from all parts of the video game worlds ranging from car racing software to escape games (or escape room, in common terms), including shooting games or platform games, for example.

Lesson after lesson

How it works ? It all starts with Nodons, funny little creatures with well-defined roles and characters. The Garage builder game The player takes (almost) a hand manually, guiding him through dozens of lessons in order to learn the nuances and effects.

Do you want to jump your character on the screen? There they would like to. Can he destroy another character? We would like another. What if we put an obstacle in her way? Come on, jump! We don’t have a third.

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Is it educational? Yes kind of. The subject is sometimes heavy and too technical. But we soon forget that we’re learning here, reviewing each lesson as we do in a new adventure game tutorial.

In short, a game that will delight both the target audience (from 8 to 12 years old) and their parents. Because the latter would be happy to see his offspring engaged in a video game that stimulates gray matter as much as her thumb.

  • Building Games Garage (4/5)

Now available on Nintendo Switch

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