Surprising movie Owen Wilson calls his best movie

When it comes to the most entertaining movie to shoot, Owen Wilson knows the answer right away when asked about his favorite role. euronews. He mentions “Midnight in Paris” from 2011 and goes on to say, “It was really nice to have the opportunity to be in this city and make a movie there.” His role in the film combines the best of both worlds, with Wilson’s character Jill Bender representing both tragic and comedic elements.

The movie has a very large cast and there is a nice plus that is fun to watch after ‘Loki’. Most people remember the movie “Midnight in Paris” by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, who plays Jill’s fianc√©e. However, if you watch it today you will find Tom Hiddleston playing Scott Fitzgerald. 2011 was a big year for Hiddleston. In addition to “Midnight in Paris,” that year was also the year that the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor made his debut as Loki in “Thor.” Depending on fate, the two will experience a completely different dynamic in “Loki”.

The reunion continues as Marvel Studios renews “Loki” for a second season. If the suspense of Season 1 is any indication, Wilson and Hiddleston will have plenty of scenes to share in the future. Over time, “Loki” may overtake Wilson’s response to his favorite shooting experience.

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