Surprise in cycling, 3×3 basketball semi-finals… What will happen on Wednesday (or not) at the Olympics

5:15 p.m. Jul 27, 2021 Edited at 6:56 p.m. Jul 27, 2021

On this fifth day of the event, France is counting on Rémi Cavagna and time trial to dust off its bike record. 3 x 3 basketball players must imitate 5 x 5 basketball players against the United States in the semi-finals (10 hours). What if, conversely, judo, the main source of blues medals to date, was banned for the first time?

1- French medals table for Tuesday 27 July

as a shepherd. After five years of disappointment in Rio, Governor Clarice Agpegno won the gold medal in the -63kg category. In taekwondo, young Althéa Laurin stunned her world (but not JDD), by winning bronze in the over 67kg weight category. A little salve after the big disappointments of Pauline Ferrand-Privo (10th) and Luana Lecomte (sixth) in mountain biking.

Medals schedule for Tuesday 27 July.


2 – Event not to be missed: Kavagna’s Little Chance (7 hours)

Remy Cavagna during the Tour of Catalonia in March.

Remy Cavagna during the Tour of Catalonia in March.


Good news: cyclist Rémi Cavagna is not a favorite on the time trial. Breaking free from this mark that was too heavy for French women in mountain biking, the French champion could be successful in this 44.2km Olympic time with his Mt Fuji. “It’s not a very consistent time,” says Auvergnat. “I think there are going to be surprises and the win isn’t just a pure cylinder. It’s going to be someone who will go through the climb well and manage the climb well. Well his efforts.”

Thus, the favorite, Italian Filippo Ganna, is likely to compete against Wut van Aert, who dreams of adding gold to the road race silver. Other Outsiders: Swiss Stefan Kung and Slovenian Primus Roglic. In short, as far as the field is concerned, Kavagna has not won and is probably better than that.

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3 – Acute Prognosis: Lack of a medal in Judo (4 hours)

After achieving a medal of the day, will French judo suffer its first brakes? We fear it. Olympic rookies like three of the four medalists, Axel Clairgate (-90kg) and Margo Pinot (-70kg) no longer enjoy the youthful enthusiasm of their fellow Auras. Clerget, 34, was injured and did not play Last Worlds. Margot Pinot, 27-year-old European Vice Champion, owes her qualification to the Games to Marie-Yves Jahe’s failure during the last competition before the selection.

4- Nobody cares, but nobody cares: Argentina – Fiji for a rare taste (4:30)

The President’s Surprise vs the Defending Champion is the poster for the second 7-man Rugby semi-final match. The first between New Zealand and the United Kingdom is more agreed. In the first quarter, Argentina overtook South Africa, and took third place at the Rio Olympics (19-14).

After a net run in the group stage, the Fijians left Australia no chance in the quarter (19-0). The final half is very uncertain between the second best attack (118 points scored) and best defense (40 points ceded) in the tournament.

5 – Olympiad Cheat Sheet: What is the difference between softball and baseball?

Softball final between Japan and the United States

Softball final between Japan and the United States


Racket, ball, big shot and people running. On paper and without precision, baseball and softball are the same thing. But looking at it closely… the ball first. Yellow and larger in softball (about 30 cm in circumference), white and about 22 cm in baseball. For a bat, it’s the opposite: it measures over a meter in baseball versus 86 centimeters in softball. The playing field is also smaller in softball, with only 60 feet between each base compared to 90 feet in baseball. To keep numbers low, softball is played in seven rounds or fewer, and baseball in nine or more. Finally, in softball, you throw the ball from the bottom.

But the biggest difference is that in games, softball is reserved for women while baseball is for men. And that, we didn’t fully understand why.

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