Sure the big day

Benjamin St.Just on his social media referred to the Professionals Day Thursday morning at the University of Minnesota as the most important job interview of his life. At the dawn of this wonderful moment before the eyes of the NFL planet, the Quebec team takes the challenge with complete confidence, and remains calm.

Pro Day will be a chance to prove your athletic potential in a range of physical exams, in front of scouts, as well as coaches and even NFL general managers.

Before this often crucial day for the NFL Draft, which will be held this year in Cleveland from April 29 to 1he is May, St-Juste appeared relaxed at will during a videoconference with the media.

“I haven’t set specific goals for myself. I know it will go well and I will get good results.”

“No matter what numbers appear, I know I am a good athlete and a good footballer. I just want to have fun. If the numbers are crazy, so much better, but if not, then so be it. Follow the former Spartans from Cégep du Vieux Montréal in a pragmatic way.” , I will not add additional pressure on myself regarding external expectations.

This is fun

A few hours away from a critical stage for the rest of his career in the draft process, St-Juste chooses to approach the action with full zen, as opposed to what he has sometimes been able to impose on himself in the past.

“I usually get really hard on myself. Right now, I’m just trying to realize how happy I am to be in this position. I might also enjoy betting on all the work I’ve done.

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“If you don’t enjoy playing football, you will feel very anxious. I always try to remind myself that I got there because I’m good. That kind of positive energy is what I want to bring to Pro Day.”

Support appreciation

Last year, no fewer than five University of Minnesota Jover players found the NFL draft, the best performance for the program since 1990.

So St-Juste was able to capitalize on the expertise of his former teammates, notably thief Antoine Winfield Jr., who had just won the Super Bowl title with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“During the process, I spoke to Antoine on a few occasions about coaching, as well as about running interviews leading up to the draft.” The man who said he admired NFL champions Galen Ramsay, Richard Sherman and Marlon Humphrey said, “He advised me on how to behave professionally.” .

On his professional day, St-Juste will star in the title role with fellow teammate Rushood Bateman, a prospect most analysts would rate him in the first round. The latter, during the video conference on Wednesday, had only good words for Quebec.

“While training, Ben and I put ourselves up for our money! He is by far the best defensive full-back I have faced in my career. The team he chooses will have a very good athlete and person. I feel Ben will give a lot. Turns out Tomorrow (Thursday) and that several teams would be wrong if you crossed it. ”

“In all practices, it’s a competition,” St-Juste said. He is the number one catcher and I am the full back. Iron sharpens iron. It improved me a lot by training every day against a high-caliber first round hunter. There aren’t many defensive fullbacks who are so lucky. It will really help me take me to the next level. ”

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Many analysts believe that Benjamin Saint-Just should be selected in the third or fourth round.

Towards a match in Montreal?

As part of extending its regular schedule to 17 games, the NFL intends to take the opportunity to increase its presence on the international stage. In that context, Montreal could become an option, but if nothing tangible in this direction at the moment.

On Tuesday, the NFL confirmed what had been unofficial for several months, that is, starting in 2021, the regular season will see another match for each of its 32 teams. Starting in 2022, each team will play one game away from the United States. The league hinted that the first target markets will be the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, South America and Canada.

Wednesday, according to th The Canadian PressThe leaders of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium have expressed interest in the idea of ​​hosting the NFL match.

“North American football holds the record for the largest sports crowd in the Olympic Stadium so far, confirming our interest and interest in Quebecers in this sport. We will be very interested in hosting the NFL match, and we are very motivated to share our future investments and the many possibilities of the Olympic Stadium with the promoters of Here and anywhere else, “he explained to press agency Alan La Rochelle, vice president of operations and commercial development of the Olympic Park.

To this day, Montreal hosted the NFL pre-season game, but it wasn’t a regular season. The only Canadian city to have had this experience is Toronto, when the Buffalo Bills played there one game a year, from 2008 to 2013.

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“We have a solid base of amateurs in Canada and we want to present regular season matches there. In any market where we are going to play an international match, we will need the support of fans and local governments, in addition to the stadium that meets our standards,” as confirmed the day before in a conference call, Deputy President, Head of Strategy & Growth, Christopher Halpin.

During his media landing on Wednesday, Benjamin Saint-Just welcomed the news.

“It would be great for Canadian football and Canadian players. It would be a great opportunity to play in front of all family and friends,” said citizen Rosmere.

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