Successful Olympics for the Chief Sports Officer of the Canadian Olympic Committee

The Tokyo Olympics ended on Sunday after 16 days of competition, and Eric Miles gave a positive assessment of Canada’s performance in Tokyo, especially in the context in which many athletes have had to drastically modify their training due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada won 24 medals, including seven golds. In addition, 48 athletes took first place in sixteen places in their sport, as the original Trifluvien proudly noted in an interview with the program. always in the morning.

If he finds it difficult to pick the moment that marked his Olympics, he thinks Antari champion Mohamed Ahmed’s silver medal in the 5,000m was his favourite.

I think we all know someone around us who runs, there are billions of people who run 5 km on Earth, so finish 2NS In a similar competition, especially with a time of less than 13 minutes, it is almost unbelievable, He says.

Eric Miles also salutes the triumph of Trifluvienne Laurence Vincent Lapointe, a two-medal holder in rowing, a sport he has practiced himself, in addition to being an international coach.

We already have extraordinary athletes in Canada.

Quote from:Eric Miles, Head of Sports for the Canadian Olympic Committee

Once the Tokyo Games are over, Eric Miles is already thinking about the upcoming Summer Games. It’s been three times already that I had the opportunity to go to Paris to help the team, he explains.

Given the results obtained in Japan, he is optimistic about the upcoming competitions in France. He’s in 3 years in Paris, he’ll come fast!

The Winter Olympics in Beijing are fast approaching. The start date is set for February 2022.

Australia, UK, these are countries that hardly participate in the Winter Games, while we arrive with equally large delegations in winter and summer and that’s a plus, it’s like we are in Canada., the head of sports at the Canadian Olympic Committee rejoices.

Eric Miles joined the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2014. He was the General Manager of Quebec-en-Formy for more than 10 years. He also served as Director of the Sports Studies Program at the Académie Les Estacades in Trois-Rivières and was involved in the creation of the Alphonse-Desjardins Sports Complex (CSAD).

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