Students want mobile clinics

Students want mobile immunization clinics on campus to increase college immunization coverage.

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On Friday, Quebec released a list of 16 colleges with inadequate immunization coverage.

The Federation of Quebec College Students (FECQ) understands, but is asking for action. “We can’t say, ‘Ah, the rate is too low.’ And do nothing after that. We are asking for mobile clinics that are available as a priority on campus where this threshold is insufficient,” says its president, Samuel Villancourt.

In the office of Health Minister Christian Duby, it is indicated that institutions will be required to organize vaccinations at the beginning of the school year, but the formula must be determined. It is added that “now” is the time to vaccinate.

This is not the only question for the student union.

“We want a face-to-face start, but above all we want a full session,” says Vilancourt, who questions the absence of a mask in class.

We wonder if this is the safest with the recent increase in the number of cases. We don’t have the public health knowledge to make the decision, but that worries many on campus.

Another unanswered question: What do you do with sick students who will have to self-isolate at home?

“We never know what will be planned so that these people can continue their learning,” says the FECQ chief.

Restricting access to extracurricular activities and sports only to young people who will be appropriately vaccinated is also acceptable in the school sports community. What is essential in the view of the President of the Student Sports Network of Quebec (RSEQ), Gustave Roel, is that student athletes can finally play their sport.

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“We are satisfied that the students, for a long time, have told us that they would like to be able to [reprendre la pratique du sport]And, if they need to be vaccinated, they’re ready to do so, he says.

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