Stuck in Detroit, Kei Kamara misses practice

The striker was absent from Monday’s session, and has returned to training for the team after the weekend given by manager Hernan Losada.

According to Instagram, Kamara had visited family in the US, but his (many) posts on Sunday suggested he ran into trouble during flights back from Kansas City to Montreal, with a stopover in Detroit where he finally had to spend the night. A new social media post mid-afternoon Monday finally introduced him to the locker room at the Nutrilait Center.

If Losada seemed to be in a good mood when asked about his exercises for the day, he wasn’t laughing when Camara once again returned to the topic. The Argentine coach indicated that the rules apply to everyone, players and staff alike.

Losada said this week is the second time I’ve been given the weekend. that means alot to me. Unfortunately, he is not here today. He had already lost a week’s work because he had arrived late, and everything that happened before I arrived was between the club and K.I. But from now on, he’s with me as a coach, and he’s not here. Honestly, I’m disappointed.

camara Participate in its first session in 2023 With CF Montreal last Friday, it was he who announced on January 11 that he had asked for a deal. The club’s sporting director, Olivier Renard, later claimed that the striker had spoken out without our consent. On the first day of the camp, Losada said Camara, who was sick, stayed behind in Sierra Leone.

Still in the absences department, Joaquin Torres’ noise in training is less than that in Kamara, but its consequences could be more immediate.

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At the center of rumors that sent him to the Philadelphia Union, Torres wasn’t in training on Monday either. because of the injury? no no noLosada said simply, and that was all the Web, as it was called at the time, needed to catch fire.

There is not, but there is nothing official, Torres noted Losada very subtle. We can’t say anything at all.

In two seasons with Montreal, the little Argentinean scored 7 goals and 12 assists in 3201 minutes spent on the field. As a winger by training, Torres struggled to project himself into a system where the lanes were mainly occupied by lateral defenders.

A relatively consistent starter in his first campaign (28 games, including 22 as a starter), he started just 15 of the 27 games he played last season — and played just 90 minutes three times in MLS in 2022.

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