“Striketober”, an unprecedented strike wave that tested Joe Biden

The United States has experienced almost unprecedented wave of strikes since 1968. Across the country, employees exhausted by the Govt-19 epidemic are demanding an improvement in their working conditions. All departments are concerned.

Strikers condemn difficult working conditions for very low wages

Tens of thousands of American workers have been on strike in recent weeks, many of them from the hospital sector, but not only. Employees at the Kellogg’s factory in Nebraska refused to work for two weeks, including John Deere’s, the largest tractor maker in the United States. The movement is so unique that a name was created to describe it “Strictopher” Summary strike, Strike in English, andOctober, October. Questioned? Hard working conditions for very low wages during an epidemic and all of these.

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If these workers have decided to strike now, it is because they are in a strong position: there is a shortage of manpower in the United States and a record has been reached, with more than ten million vacancies to be filled in the country. Gives employees the power to put pressure. Opposition groups have vowed to test the White House, and US President Joe Biden has repeatedly declared himself an outstanding ally of the unions.

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