Strikes in the United Kingdom: “serious” debates between government and teachers

The British government and teachers’ unions were in “intense discussions” on Friday to try to find a way out of the strike, a day after a major breakthrough in the health sector.

The United Kingdom, which faces inflation of more than 10%, has seen a surge in social movements in the public and private sectors in recent months.

In a joint press release issued by the media, the government and unions announced that they would engage in “serious discussions” on Friday about teachers’ salaries, their working conditions and reducing their workload.

In order for discussions to begin and lead to a positive outcome, the NEU (National Education Union) has confirmed a two-week quiet period during which it has indicated that it will not announce new dates for strikes. The text notes that discussions will continue through the weekend.

The prospect comes a day after a proposal to raise pay for a range of public health workers in England. With the support of many unions, the movement must still be submitted to a vote of their members to end it.


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