Strict punishment for three robbers who stole more than 30 million euros

Via with AFP

Three men have been sentenced to 11 years in prison on Monday for breaking records in England, including the daughter of former footballer Frank Lampard and Bernie Ecclestone.

The trio, who were involved in a series of robberies, were sentenced in London on Monday to ’11 years’ imprisonment, including a record 30 30 million for the daughter of Formula 1 treasurer Bernie Ecclestone.

Among them were 44-year-old Alessandro Donatti and 45-year-old Alessandro Maltese, who were sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison, and 24-year-old Juksolov Jovanovich to 11 years in prison. Three Italian nationals have pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery in December 2019 after pleading guilty. They will be executed in Italy.

The victims include former Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard or Tamara Ecclestone and her husband.

Jewelry, cash and precious stones have been stolen from the home of the daughter of a former Formula 1 treasurer, representing a record amount of மில்லியன் 25 million (.5 29.5 million), according to police. Theft in private homes.

Only a small part of the loot was found.

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