Street of Fear (Netflix): Trailer for the adaptation of “Goosebumps!”

Netflix recently revealed the trailer for Fear Street, a trilogy based on the Goosebumps books.

Triple Fear StreetOn Netflix soon. In the meantime, the broadcast platform is already Trailer shook. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

What will this Netflix trilogy be?

You know without a doubt books shudder. But yeah, remember, these are the books we read when we were kids. Well, Netflix decided to offer three films based on three novels by RL Stine.

So the three films will be held in Three different periods. So there will be Fear Street: 1994, Fear Street: 1978 as such Fear Street: 1666.

However, the plot will happen every time in the same city. In other words, in Shadyside, Ohio, which is famous for its strange phenomena.

Regarding casting, we will find Maya Hawk or even Sadie SinkWhich you definitely discovered in the famous series: Weird things. They will be part of a group of teenagers that we will follow throughout the film.

But who is responsible? This is a Netflix trilogy ? Director Lee Janiak. The latter has already worked honeymoon, a horror movie, released in 2014. So much so that he masters codes.

see you soon Friday 2 July 2021 To discover the first part of Fear Street And enjoy your life. We leave you with the trailer. MCE TV tells you more.

Street of Fear (Netflix): Trailer for the adaptation of “Goosebumps”!

What does the trailer reveal?

The trailer for this Netflix trilogy begins with images of a high school student and a female voice saying, ” At some point everything was fine in ShadysideTrace images, in the form of flashbacks, Spend good times with friends.

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But the voice itself interrupts this good atmosphere and assures that from now on, It’s over. This sets the tone for the rest of the video.

One of the most disturbing moments in this trailer is when a teenage girl answers the phone in the middle of the night and a voice whispers to her: “ you are still aliveThen the girl asks who’s on the phone. Then the voice answers: starts again«.

It is at this exact moment that the viewer realizes it Something dangerous is going on. In the remainder of this trailer, we discover just a small part of the horror that the characters of the Netflix series (conscious souls abstain) will face.

As we know that this kind of phenomenon has been around for a long time in this city and they are not the only victims. So the group of teenagers will have to do this solve the puzzle About Shadyside in order to end it and above all, in order to survive.

One thing is for sure is that this trailer Makes you want to see more. What do you think? At MCE TV anyway, we can’t wait.

And we’re not the only ones. “I’m a very young horror movie, it freaks me out very quickly, yet it looks serious and I am very inclined to see it,” “Very excited to show it,” “This trilogy is going to be great”-You can read under the video, on YouTube.