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Gone are the days when our entertainment evenings relied on programs on TV. The growing number of platforms provides us with a wide range of movies, series or even documentaries that can be accessed at any time and from any screen. Our biggest concern right now is knowing where to go! How does Netflix compare to Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, or OCS? We bring you the details of these offers, all of which are available as an option at SFR.


Let’s start with the pioneer, who has revolutionized the way we “consume” entertainment. With its huge catalog, sure to satisfy all tastes, Netflix is ​​still the most popular streaming platform today. While she regularly adds cult acts ranging from soap operas such as friends or Prince of Bel-Air For collections dedicated to major filmmakers such as Charlie Chaplin, David Lynch or Francois Truffaut, their biggest assets remain their original productions. A series not to be missed like the crownAnd the Weird thingsAnd the Stealing moneyAnd the Bridgerton ChroniclesAnd the LupineAnd the Game mrsUnique movies like … Malcolm and MaryAnd the Da 5 bloodAnd the I care a lot, Or action-packed like Tyler RickAnd the Project strengthAnd the Old guard… and documentaries as well, especially successful, about basketball legends (Michael Jordan, Tony Parker …), football (Pele, Maradona …), or even music (Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyonce …) .). They make things to watch!

SFR Presentation: Netflix is ​​offered as an option, with an SFR portable box or subscription. While the platform can be accessed on all of your screens (TV, Computer, Smartphone, and Tablet), you can choose from three offerings depending on how many screens you want to enjoy in the catalog at one time. Available From only 7.99 euros a month, You can choose the option Netflix 2 Screens at € 11.99 per month Or an option Netflix 4 Screens at € 15.99 per month-All offers are non-binding in the SFR.

Amazon Prime Video

It is arguably Netflix’s biggest competitor. Since the more time passes, the more interesting things Amazon Prime Video has to offer in its catalog. Like the broadcast giant, and maybe more than that, this other platform already offers many cult series (Grey’s AnatomyAnd the MalcolmAnd the the deskAnd the LostAnd the Anonymous filesAnd the Charm…). But it also has the exclusivity of very good original software. We will mention it in particular The boysAnd the Star Trek: PickardAnd the Jack RyanAnd the Truth seekers or Fleabag Between series. Prince in New York 2And the One night in MiamiAnd the The David Copperfield StoryAnd the Palm Springs Or group House of horrors From Blumhouse between movies. And football fans will certainly also be interested in his focus points All or none On Tottenham, Manchester City and soon Juventus … It is good to know that the service also offers many French stand-up offers: Fabrice Eboue, Alban Ivanov, Frank Dubosque, Noel Medani, Le Comte de Bouderbala … an option!

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SFR Presentation: Amazon Prime Video optional With a portable fund or subscription from SFR, for only 5.99 € per month, no obligation. If you are not sure about the shot, know that you are entitled to a 30-day trial. What’s more, not only does this platform can be accessed on up to 3 screens simultaneously, it also gives access to all the benefits of Amazon Prime for the e-commerce giant …


Of course, this is more of a channel than a platform in its own right. But OCS Restart Service gives it the same benefits. The good thing with OCS is that it provides the ability to watch unseen movies (it premieres on the small screen, 6 months after its theatrical release), and then especially because it presents shocking American series that aired only 24 hours after they were shown. Broadcasting in the United States. With every particularly prestigious HBO catalog at its disposal (be it the series like game of ThronesAnd the the wireAnd the Westworld, at recent days trance or backing down…). Not to forget the cult zombie series the walking DeadWhich is currently broadcasting season 10 bonus episodes! Moreover, while all of these programs are available on demand on OCS, you should know that this option gives access to 4 thematic channels: OCS Max (Great Shows for the Whole Family), OCS City (for series fans), OCS Choc (100 % Adrenaline), and OCS Géants (Legendary Movies).

SFR Presentation: OCS, all its channels and on-demand restart service included, is optional With a portable fund or subscription from SFR, for 12.99 € per month, no obligation. With its app, you can enjoy its content on up to 3 screens simultaneously. And a surprise: the service is currently an exceptional subject! Thanks to SFR’s “My Dual Shot” offer, you can currently have it packaged with the option of SFR Ciné Séries (Which gives access to Altice Studio, Paramount Channel, TCM Cinema and Action) for only 8 € per month (for one month, then 17.99 € per month, no obligation). For information, the SFR Ciné Séries option is currently only available for 5 € per month instead of 10 € per month (still without obligation).

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Disney +

The youngest who is already wreaking havoc in the broadcast world! With Disney +, the big-eared house took a hit with a slew of family shows. Disney Classics of course, but not only, as the company has purchased a number of franchises in recent years. You’ll also get access to the entire Pixar catalog, the entire Marvel catalog, and the entire Star Wars catalog … enough to impress many people! Especially since Mickey does not stop there, taking advantage of this new platform to perpetuate famous epics, with the series already in existence WandaVision Soon (March 19) Falcon and Winter Soldier In the world of the Avengers, then Mandalorian And so on The Boba Fett Book or Cassian Andor In the intergalactic universe. And this is not all. While it also has unpublished documentaries signed to National Geographic, Disney + has done quite aggressively recently, by opening a new section called “Star.” Dedicated to a wider audience, it has hundreds of worship movies and series on its own: Desperate HousewivesAnd the How have you met your motherAnd the Nick nameAnd the ScrubsAnd the scandal Between series, Die hardAnd the dead PoolAnd the alienAnd the Red Meal! Between movies. He might still be missing new, but it won’t be long …

SFR Presentation: Disney + is currently available as part of a limited edition with Canal +, For 24.99 € per month (for two years, then 30.99 € per month, with a two-year commitment) with the SFR Fund. The platform can be accessed from all your screens on up to 4 screens simultaneously. And let’s specify that this bundle not only provides access to all of the aforementioned content, but in addition to the Disney Channel and Disney Junior independent channels. Not to mention, of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy Canal + (more than 300 films not released annually, international series and original creations, then sports and especially football, with the entire Ligue 1 League, for example). The offer is valid until March 23rd, so don’t be late! Note that you will be entitled to one month to try it, in addition to the arrival fee of 50 euros.

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And if not, there is always a VOD …

Are you hesitant to subscribe? Can be understood. That is why it will always be there Show Video On Demand on SFR Box. A good solution to enjoy movies, series or even documentaries from time to time. Which ? Almost anyone comes to mind, with new features that usually land on the service before hitting TV channels or streaming platforms. We invite you to browse the VOD section of your SFR box, you will find a wide range of programs classified by type, group, according to your taste, or among the good deals at the moment. Note that most titles are offered either for rental or digital purchase.

For more information on all of these streaming services, visit The TV tab on the SFR website.

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