Steven Spielberg to produce original content for Netflix

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Netflix is ​​currently one of the most profitable companies in the world, and many producers, directors, and actors dream of signing with the platform. It wasn’t Steven Spielberg either, but he would have changed his mind eventually. In fact, the genius producer was reluctant to work with Netflix, but he bypassed his reservation and partnered with the platform.

Another two years ago, Steven Spielberg was very vengeful to Netflix, expressing his fierce hostility to the video-on-demand platform and stressing the importance of theatrical experience. The director even went so far as to request that Netflix productions not be eligible for Oscars. But it eventually seems to have changed his mind since Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin, signed an agreement to produce several feature films each year for the broadcast giant; It was Spielberg himself who announced the partnership in Press release.

“At Amblin, storytelling will forever be at the heart of everything we do, starting with the moment of TED [Sarandos, PDG
de Netlfix] And a partnership discussion began, and it was very clear that we had a great opportunity to tell new stories together and reach audiences in new ways,” Spielberg said in the statement. He also clarified that this new agreement in no way means that Amblin will focus exclusively on Netflix, and that the company will continue Working with Universal Pictures and its other partners.

At the moment, there is no information yet on the projects that will result from this new partnership, but there is no doubt that this will significantly increase Netflix’s advantage over its competitors.

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