Stephan Bureau returns to TVA this fall

Confirmed: Stéphan Bureau will return to TVA next fall, where he will lead a current affairs program whose final concept has not yet been determined.

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In recent days, the 57-year-old journalist and host has released two pilots for this new meeting.

TVA Group management has confirmed to QMI that the project has officially received the green light. We say we’re satisfied with what we’ve seen so far, but we want to improve both the concept and the sets before going live. Consequently, TVA Productions will launch the next stages of production until the show is ready to start the school year in September. Note that the time period has not yet been determined.

“I am very pleased with the enthusiasm generated by the pilots we have registered over the past few days. So I continue to work in close collaboration with the production team on developing a new program that presents a plurality of perspectives,” said Stephane Maktab, who recently returned to Quebec for the next stay of several months in Southern United State.

in an interview in Montreal Journal On March 10, Stéphan’s office confirmed that he was working on his big comeback on television.

“I hope it will be a gathering place where we can find, in guest seating, all kinds of viewpoints,” he said. Including, perhaps on occasion, less frequent views on air. All with the goal of hearing the people we no longer hear or don’t hear and the questions we don’t ask. We want to offer an integrative display of information for the time being in Quebec. “

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Leave Radio Canada

The Stéphan Bureau hosted a summer show Of course, for sure. On the broadcasts of ICI Première, until August 2021. After an interview with controversial French infectious disease specialist Didier Raoult, he received a reprimand from Radio Canada’s Ombudsman. He had expressed on the air his disagreement with this decision. Then, at the end of his contract, he left State Radio.

“I’m not in another place to oppose Radio Canada nor to settle scores, I don’t have that inside of me. I’m in another place because I think that after what we’ve been through, it was clear that what I was hoping to do wouldn’t happen there. But I insist there is no bitterness” , he stated this to Newspaper in March.

This would be a return to the fold of Stéphan Bureau, who in recent years has specialized in long interviews. In the 1990s at TVA, he hosted the Journal of Public Affairs the event And the news anchor at ten in the evening. Then he moved to Radio Canada where he piloted the pilot phone magazine From 1998 to 2003.

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