Stefan Martin: “The investors are mainly from the US. The Pascal Reggio Group has a little more local connotation.”

Stefan Martin He detailed the investors involved in his plan to buy back the Girondins de Bordeaux, confirming the link with John Williams.

“Yes, this project is led by Pascal Rego. There is John Williams too, yes. He will have the role of a sports advisor, trusted by another group of investors, so there was convergence. He invited him with regard to his background, what he did in Amiens, smart work by means that are not Infinite. So call it all the mathematical notch. Investors come mainly from the US. The Pascal Reggio Group has a bit more local connotation, but there are also American investors who were also in the Pascal Rego Group. That is also why we came together, there was a real convergence not only from In terms of the investor profile, but also in terms of ideas, philosophy and strategy […] We should not address the issue of the Americans, not the Americans … The problem is not being an American, for this is the type of investor who is important. Today, the investors who participated in the two rounds of backgammon are people with a strategic and industrial interest in investing in football, as they have activities not far away. These are the people who play American sports, in the media, or in public entertainment (staging shows and stadiums). They are not people from a purely financial investment perspective, and they have no knowledge of the field. We must not fall into the cliché of “American”, “money”. The problem is not there. There are 320 million Americans … what can make all the difference, especially in terms of stability and sustainability, is the profile. Having people with a strategic interest in investing in football means that you don’t automatically have the same patience.


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