stay in space | Japanese billionaire says he ‘values ​​more’ the Earth

(Tokyo) The Japanese billionaire who recently resided in space said Friday to “appreciate more” on Earth since his return and explained his next missions: moon tour and Mariana Trench dive.

Yusaku Maezawa, 46, who spent twelve days aboard the International Space Station (ISS) with his assistant, gave his impressions at a press conference in Tokyo.

Returning from space, “we appreciate the Earth more, the seasons, the winds, the smells, and the perception of different things,” explained Mr. Maezawa.

“Food,” he added, too, confident he brought a sushi chef home a few days after he returned.

Mr. Maezawa, who made his fortune on the Internet, described at length the landscape of Earth seen from the International Space Station: “It’s very beautiful in the picture, but 100 times more beautiful if you see it with your own eyes.”

Facing this scene, he said he wonders “what would world leaders think if they gathered in space and talked about Earth’s problems.” “It can make the Earth a better place to live in,” he said.

The businessman talked about his exploration plans: a trip around the moon in 2023 with eight other people aboard a spacecraft from the SpaceX group, but also a dive into the deepest known ocean trench.

“I would like to dive into the Mariana Trench” in the Pacific Ocean, the billionaire said, explaining that the type of submarine and the duration of the dive had already been determined, but that it would be announced “later.”

Mr. Maezawa, who during his stay at the International Space Station on his YouTube channel posted videos of daily life in orbit, also spoke of his sense of weightlessness and difficulty sleeping without danger “because we are constantly floating”.

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The art lover, who notably acquired a Basquiat painting for more than $110 million in 2017, also said he brought into the space a painting by a young Japanese artist that he donated to the building’s occupants. Happy,” he said.

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