Statement: Season 4 will arrive on Netflix

The release date has just been revealed by the popular platform: After waiting for several months, the fourth season of existing It will be available to stream on November 4 to all Netflix subscribers. The mysterious and suspenseful trailer has also been revealed.

The news just came out, just a few days ago: the release date of the first part of the fourth season of existing It was revealed by the Netflix platform on Twitter. Robert Vance’s translator on the series, Daryl Edwards, has also teased new information on his Twitter account in a big way regarding the series’ progress. It is now done. What new features were revealed on Sunday, August 28 for the upcoming season? We tell you everything.

Exciting trailer and release date revealed

Thus, the red “N” platform announced the “imminent launch” of the fourth season of existingready-made In a Twitter post. The release date has also been revealed: Spectators will be able to find the passengers of Flight 828, starting with the first 10 episodes of Season 4. But that’s not all, as Netflix has also shared the exciting trailer for the adventures of Josh, Jack, Melissa, and even Athena, to the delight of fans.

As a reminder, in this series, the crew and passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely in New York, after a turbulent flight from Jamaica. They soon realized that within a few hours of flying, the world had changed… by more than five years. And so all their loved ones thought they were dead and grieved. The more time passed, the more bizarre their reality became. At the heart of their unique story is a mystery that remains unsolved, even at the end of Season 3…

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In the context of the famous series Lost, existing It was not an instant hit when it was released in 2018. It took some time to find its audience. It was first released in the United States, and the first two seasons of the series did fairly well, though not in France. Broadcast on NBC across the Atlantic, the third season did not have the success the producers had expected, resulting in its cancellation. However, it has seen renewed interest from viewers since its arrival on Netflix, which is now producing and will exclusively release Season 4 (much like what the platform did for The devil).

Serial Viewer existingJeff Rick also gave an interview to the magazine TVLine And some information about the plot of this fourth (and possibly last) season has been revealed. And in particular the development of a certain character, Ben:

“You can picture Ben in season four seeking revenge on his wife, trying to make sense of the inexplicable, and that becomes the driving force behind the character, not only in season four, but also in the past throughout the second half of Serie A.”

On the French side, there is a similarity between existingPublished in 2018, the novel that won the Goncourt Prize 2020, anomaly. Indeed, Hervé Le Tellier’s story follows a similar plot: One day in June, an Air France Boeing plane that had just crossed an area of ​​severe turmoil at Kennedy Airport was refused to land, and forced to land at a military base, where the crew is placed. The passengers are in temporary custody by US intelligence. the reason ? A few months ago, in March, and again after massive turmoil, the same plane landed in New York. The passengers and crew realize they have a weakness that already exists on this planet… Weird, isn’t it?

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If there is no question about “double characters” in existingHowever, the series’ writers have imagined an explanation, and all the answers must finally be provided in the highly anticipated fourth season, the first of which will arrive on Netflix November 4th.

Sources: Entertainment TVAnd the Netflix Babilio

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