Starfield: “We can’t wait to show it to you next year,” says Bethesda


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It’s clear that Bethesda is very keen on getting more information about their next big game: Starfield. Fans will be delighted when a new video spotlights Todd Howard speaking about the space title.

If many fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming news ancient scrollsWe should not forget that Bethesda Softworks is currently working on a very ambitious Starfield project. A brand new franchise from the company, the title is slated to release on November 11, 2022 on PC and exclusively on Xbox Series X/S. At the moment, we’ve been able to see short trailers for Starfield as well as several technical concepts, but the mystery still lingers around these The game is in space. rest assured, a recent video The post on Bethesda’s YouTube channel, said that more information about the title will be published in 2022.

Any new information on Starfield ahead of E3 2022?

After all, the studio only has ten months to prepare its communications around Starfield and build up the hype little by little. We also know that Bethesda still plans to create Elder Scrolls 6 but also Indiana Jones. If the former is still on standby, the latter could steal the show at Starfield during for example E3 2022. So it wouldn’t be superfluous to send in trailers and other visuals at the same time, especially since a new movie with Indy is planned for next summer. In the unlisted video, we don’t see any new footage of Starfield but we can hear an important line from Todd Howard, Bethesda Director and Executive Producer, we wish players a happy holiday and announce the release of information in 2022.

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“On behalf of everyone at Bethesda Game Studios, we would like to thank you for being a part of Constellation. The team has made such progress at Starfield this year. We look forward to introducing it to you next year.” Todd Howard – Director and Executive Producer Bethesda.

New Starfield artwork has been revealed. – Credit(s): Bethesda

No details have been provided but it would make sense to showcase the gameplay after E3 in June if we consider the popular Indiana Jones movie and its accompanying game. Especially since Bethesda has recently confirmed The new information will not be revealed until the summer of 2022. So patience. And if you’re wondering what “Constellation” is, that appears to be the name of the space exploration group you’ll be joining at Starfield. Whatever happens, title space is Bethesda’s top priority in 2022, so we’ll have some new photos and videos very soon as the new artwork on December 20 posted on Twitter. Anyway, we can’t wait to see what progress Todd Howard is talking about!

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